Side Effects

Beta Blockers like Atenolol has some side effects. Patients may have too much headaches and their pulse can slow down, besides some may develop a dry mouth. Patients who have damaged renal function should reduce the daily dose. It should be reduced according to the clinical reaction of the patient. Sometimes patients who are taking Atenolol become tired easily with their mood changes. Patients who have end-stage renal failure, are scheduled the drug on regular dialysis; normally after every dialysis process Atenolol 50 mg is given. Sometimes severe hypotension can occur to these kinds of patients. Some patients suffer from digestive problems while some others suffer from dizziness which is also a potential problem with Atenolol 50 mg. Beta Blockers create such side effects. Sometimes some light side effects like unnecessary spasms of the blood vessels in the fingers and toes in cold weather.

Sometimes patients suffer from difficulty hearing but this is a minor side effect. If there are some serious side effects then it is recommended to have an urgent medical attention. Most of the side effects are rare but it is possible to have these side effects and that may vary from person to person, especially those who are/were suffering from other diseases or have some medical disorder may have some side effect while taking Atenolol regularly.

Careful to use Atenolol 50 mg if you have-

  • Careful to use Atenolol if you have-

    - If you have allergy to any elements in Atenolol
    - If you have an extremely sluggish heartbeat.
    - If you have heart block
    - If you have uncontrolled heart failure
    - If you have heart problems
    - If you have low blood pressure
    - If you have pheochromocytoma
    - If you are taking the drug “Mibefradil”
  • If you are suffering from any of these problems then you should contact your physicians.

    Do not try Atenolol without consulting your physicians if you have/had -

    - If you are pregnant
    - If you are breast-feeding
    - If you are planning to take children
    - If you are taking some other medicine as Atenolol interacts with some medicines
    - If you are taking any herbal medicine
    - If you have allergy with foods
    - If you have lung problem
    - If you can not breathe properly
    - If you are taking any non-prescribed medicine
    - If you are taking any supplement
    - If you have asthma
    - If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    - If you have kidney problems
    - If you have gland tumor
    - If you have blood vassal problem
    - If you have an overactive thyroid

    Impact on body system

    Sometimes cardiovascular side effects can occur to the patients who are using Atenolol. But only three percent patients suffer from it. Side effect may include cold extremities, hypotension, precipitation of heart failure, and bradycardia and also no more than one percent of the patients suffer from flushing symptoms. Some minor side effects like depression, sleep disturbances or headache occur to only four percent of the patients. Around two to four percent of the patients suffer from gastrointestinal side effects. No hypersensivity problem is found in Atenolol taking patients. Hepatic dysfunction is also rare to Atenolol taking patients.